How It Works

The new Global Elite Agent Certification teaches real estate agents the necessary skills to expand their current brand and conduct business on a global scale. Each video lesson targets specific aspects related to obtaining international listings, expanding your portfolio, tapping into the luxury and expired markets, overcoming obstacles and the proper use of the proprietary and exclusive Global Elite Agreements. 


Targeted Learning & Strategic focus

The Global Elite Agent Certification program has been designed to teach real estate agents and professionals the exact skills and knowledge necessary to excel as a global agent. 

This translates to focused and targeted courseware, detailing each and every step an agent needs to take to be successful. 

Each topic is both relevant and related to everyday real estate transactions, ensuring each agent is prepared for each situation, obstacle and client type that they will interact and transact with. 

The areas of focus are:

  • Obtaining listings from other agents to expand your current portfolio to brand yourself as a global agent
  • Utilizing the Global Elite Network to tap into the Luxury and Expired markets
  • Legally completing transactions worldwide from the comfort of your own jurisdiction
  • Serving the lifetime needs of your customer without being limited by borders and boundaries
  • Earning more revenue through utilizing the Global Elite brand, network, tools and additional educative suite 

Proprietary tools & ongoing support

Each tool has been designed exclusively for the Global Elite Certified Agent and to support and protect the global real estate transactions. 

Our success is through the success of our agents, and we take pride in offering a full suite of proprietary tools to complement and enable each agent to elevate their brand and the experience and services they offer to their clients. 

We have created accompanying agreements and documents for each and every video lesson, while offering additional case studies to eliminate confusion on what to use and when. 

Your success is our success - and the program has been designed with the real estate professional in mind in regards to efficacy, clarity, effectiveness and usability. 

Our support network ensures that your questions will always be answered. The Global Elite Agent Network, in addition to the course material, agreements and regularly updated content,  gives you access to other global agents and listings. You have the world at your fingertips - let us show you how to take advantage of it.