Born in Antibes, France right in the heart of the French Riviera, Olivier  grew up between France and the French Caribbean islands. At the age of 16, he moved to Dallas, Texas, U.S.A. for high school and to pursue his new found passion for golf. After receiving many scholarship offers he decided to go to college in central Florida. Following university, he joined the European PGA Tour, where he traveled across Europe playing in professional golf tournaments. In 2002 he decided to get  his real estate license and join his mother, Audree Mevellec, to form “The Mevellec Team”. The Mevellec Team went on to set record sales around the world, while listing & selling properties all over the world from Dallas, Texas.

In 2007, Olivier and his mother founded the International Real Estate Specialist (I.R.E.S.) designation. Since then, over 7,000 real estate agents around the world have taken the designation. After conducting research and receiving member feedback, Olivier decided to re-brand and build on the curriculum and thus, created Global Marketing Agent®. He also repurposed the network to increase agent’s sales locally and globally.