Born in Antibes, France, at the age of 16 he moved to Dallas, Texas to attend high school and pursue his new-found passion for golf. He joined the European PGA Tour after graduating college, where he traveled throughout Europe for tournament play. From 1998 to 2002, he was the teaching professional at two of the most prestigious country clubs in Texas and played on the NTPGA and STPGA tours. His next field to conquer was real estate. He obtained his license and joined his mother, Audree, to create The Mevellec Team, an agency that set record sales around the world. In 2007, Olivier and his mother founded the I.R.E.S. (International Real Estate Specialist) designation, which more than 7,000 real estate agents in 39 countries completed.

The I.R.E.S. designation was revamped to remain current and rebranded to Global Marketing Agent in 2015. In 2016, Global Marketing Agent and RESAAS formed a partnership to create Global Elite, which is the first certification of its kind in the world. Real estate agents have access to a cloud-based social business platform, exciting educational opportunities, and the "live" support needed to help them grow their businesses, both locally and globally.