The Global Elite Certification and the Global Marketing Agent Network were created to connect agents from around the world and provide a new standard within the profession to help Realtors distinguish themselves from their competition. The certification is a result of a partnership of two organizations: RESAAS and GMA.

With a current network of over 430,000 agents, the GMA network provides unlimited resources to the certified Global Elite agent. 

Large real estate companies offer global divisions. But how can an agent truly benefit financially and professionally? The Global Elite Certification offers boundless opportunity, with education, global marketing agreements, coaching and support. That’s why we believe that the partnership between RESAAS and GMA will provide Global Elite Agents with a distinction that will separate them from their competitors in significant ways.
— Olivier Mevellec, President & Co-founder of GMA

All members who complete and pass the course will become a Certified Global Elite Agent, with all other agents receiving a status update on the RESAAS GMA network. In addition to the Global Elite Certification Course, we are dedicated to providing ongoing training in various forms from articles, webinars, blogs and videos to additional certification courses offering various designations depending on your area of interests. 

To learn more about the partnership, please read our press release here.

Why register for  the course?

We live and do business in a global economy. That’s why now more than ever, it is important for real estate agents to become a Global Elite agent. In order to excel globally, agents need to ask themselves how their marketing value proposition differentiates them from other agents. Agents can achieve this through our Global Elite program.

The Global Elite program will give you the tools and knowledge to gain a competitive edge over other agents. If you are looking to learn how to market your listings to the world and to network with real estate professionals across the globe, then Global Elite is the program for you. Our program will also teach you how to help your clients buy and sell property outside of your market area.

Who should take the course?

The Global Elite certification is a program for real estate agents of all levels and backgrounds so any licensed agent is able to register for the course.


New agents

As a new agent it can be very challenging to market yourself, show your sphere of influence in real estate, and prove your credibility as a professional real estate agent. By going through the Global Elite program, you will get more opportunities to list locally, co-market listings around the world and successfully compete with other agents because of your certification and creation of a global portfolio. 


Experienced agents

For the experienced agents, the Global Elite program will bring your career to the next level. You will learn to leverage listings around the world to brand yourself as a global agent. In addition, you will learn how to win luxury listings and enter the luxury real estate market right away.


Expert Agents

As an expert and seasoned agent, you have built your real estate business with a foundation of excellence. Now you need to start being there for your clients wherever they may need your services - whether it be locally or globally. With the Global Elite program, you will begin to practice real estate without boundaries in order to increase your referral business across the world.