Business is no longer bound by borders

The Global Elite certification provides the training, tools and agreements that are the catalyst to globalizing your reach, your name and your brand. This self-paced certification offers digital courses that guide you through proprietary learning around collaborating with like-minded agents. You will learn how to:

Collaborate with other Global Elite agents

Collaborate with other Global Elite agents

Serve buyers and sellers anywhere in the world


Earn revenue by closing more deals

Earn MORE revenue by closing LOCAL & GLOBAL deals

Gain global exposure for your brand

Gain global exposure for your brand

Build client-agent and agent-agent relationships 

Build client-agent and agent-agent relationships


How it Works

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Take the Course

Simple, self-paced and easy to understand video lessons and tutorials around building your global brand and real estate business.



Take the Test

The exam consists of 40 questions based on the courseware we provide. There is no time-limit to the test.  



You're Certified! 

Upon passing the exam, you will receive your certification, access various online tools and a directory of 400,000+ agents to network with.


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$395 Course Fee + $29.95 / monthly    


Pay a one-time fee of $395 to access all courseware, materials, and exam, and then just $29.95 per month ongoing for exclusive access to a network of Global Elite agents.

Upon successfully passing the certification exam the monthly fee reduces to just $24.95.

If you run a brokerage or larger real estate organization, contact us to inquire about volume pricing.

  • Global marketing agreements
  • On-demand video education
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Access to the Global Elite Network
  • Certification and badge
  • Access to RESAAS